Body • Sea • Cinema

Born at the beginning of the 80's not far from one of the main harbors in France, she soon felt an inevitable urge to experience and record the world abroad and other cultures - triggered by the memory of folk dancers from all around the world hosted in her family home - and so she set herself in motion.

Over the course of her work, she has trained her attentive gaze and produced video, travel diaries and photographic documentation. She has worked and studies in Australia, Mexico, Germany and Spain and holds degrees in the Visual Arts, Languages and Tibetan Yoga

Along with assignments as a picture editor, creative director and film assistant, Humo keeps conducting research trips for her own projects of visual arts and yoga practice. She is currently based in the Port of Barcelona where she lives on her sailboat.

She offers yoga classes, creative research, visual/corporal consulting and filmmaking. You can contact her < here >