Maya Humo Filmmaker

I asked her to tell me about the smell of Paris. But she could not remember any. She said Paris was all about the metro.

We walked along the dock for a while.

As we walked back towards the metro, she told me how she wishes she could catch a train. I asked her why. She replied as if what she said was the only reason one would catch a train.

"To leave without knowing where to go."

Undeniable. It reminded me of this sentence from Jack Kerouac "There was nowhere to go but everywhere".

And it was all about what I had been thinking all these years. We looked at each other in silence. We both knew it. And there was no more to speak about it all. Just knowing that she could understand was enough to keep enjoying Paris' landscape instead of getting into nonsense explanations of my incessant fantasy.

Maya Humo Filmmaker
Maya Humo Filmmaker