Funny game. I wrote to you, about you. It started with "An empty space..." And it became an empty space. All gone. Just like the dead ones. I was speaking about them. And the empty space. You have been longing for it. You ended up at the funeral home.


The one where you can cry. You might even be dramatic. So be dramatic! Nobody will guess. Enjoy your own show. Dry your tears. Don't try to remember anything.


Walk out of it straight. Walk as far as you can. Run away, they will wait. They have plenty of time. That same time you can't waste.

Unusual Project Maya Humo

* This sentence is written on the sign of a cemetary in Brazil. It means "We are waiting for you". I guess I can't actually translate it correctly. It should be something like "We, the ones that are here, are waiting for you". I see a lot of irony in this sentence. Black humor. And I imagine all the dead ones having brunch somewhere and looking on a big digital screen at the people watching stones, meanwhile religious beliefs say they should be up in the sky.