In Prague I fell in love. I fell in love… with a moment. A long fleeting moment. Now stuck in my memory. Filled with sounds and emotions. The whole afternoon totally disappeared under the stability of such a fragile moment. If I had to define beauty I would used the words fragility and stability. Yet, I could not articulate a sentence defining beauty. But I know these two words should undoubtedly be there in the definition of beauty.

In Prague I filmed Valentina dancing on the edge of a bridge. Before we started we talked briefly about loneliness. Briefly might even be too long to describe the talk. I just said to her: "One thing that I am fascinated about is loneliness". And she replied something like: "Yes. I know." This is how we started to dance with the bridge, with time, with the cars, with the river, with the air.

Her black dress coming in and disappearing from the frame. Off-screen moments had never been so beautiful to me. I was always wondering if she would come back. If I would find her back. I did at some point lost her. While trying to cross the bridge, to make my way into the incessant traffic, while I had to watch around to care about my life, my eyes stopped following her. Just my body in it way to the other side. Once out of danger I could breath. Not for long. I had to find her on the top of the edge of the bridge. I came closer to her. Silently. She made me forgot the edge. She made beauty out of danger. Her dance questioned my own fears. She dared to provoke body borders. She teased our minds. As if she said to me: "loneliness can be a force. Go further. Take the risk. Trust."

When we left the bridge, we kept it in silence. We didn't speak about anything that had just happened. As if it didn't. Yet we had felt something strong did happen. Something beautiful and irreversible. How such a fraction of time could acquire such importance in someone's life?

Listening to One Breath, Anna Calvi

" I got one breath to give. I got one second to live. Before I say what I've got to say. Before I break, it's gonna change everything."