Maya Humo

1982, lives in Barcelona


2015 Short Film, script writing in progress. Film tutor: Carolina Rivas (Spain)
Film research about “Nahual”, shamanistic and ritual practices with film director Salomé Laloux-Bard, D.F. (Mexico)
- Documentary research about women fears and desires, with moroccan writer Siham Benchekroun, Casablanca (Morocco)
- Film Assistant Director of korean filmmaker Jin Hyuk Kim, on his documentary about A. Von Humboldt, Berlin (Germany)
2014 Film Festival Assistant, International Film Festival Cris du monde, La Ciotat (France)
2013 Road trip film experience from Barcelona to Berlin about tango dance in different urban contexts (Spain, Italy, Germany) with dancers Ismael Ludman and Jasmin Katharina
- Co-writing documentary film project Retour au Sipapo about hungarian cultural anthropologist Lajós Boglar with filmmaker and anthropologist Jacques Willemont (France)
- Camera Assistant of french filmmaker Jacques Willemont on a documentary about french anthropologist Maurice Godelier and his work among the Baruya in Papua New Guinea (France)
- Film Festival Assistant, Copy Management, Print Traffic and subtitling Coordinator at Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid (France, Spain)

Performances / Public space

- Live Cinema Performance in tango festival Tango Alchemie, Prague (Czech Republic)
- Live Cinema Performance in tango festival Ibiza Tango Love, Ibiza (Spain)
- VJ Performance at Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)
2012 Founder of Dance happens, contemplative short films about dance. Barcelona (Spain)
2008-2009 A Punto De Plumas, co-Founder of the Multidisciplinary Art Group investigating sensorial experiences, transforming theater. Working on public interaction, performance, emotional intelligence, recycling. Madrid, (Spain)
2009  Street Action “Midamos el espacio público (Scale the Public Space) at Festival Rue Libre, Madrid (Spain)
Performance Whose crisis is it? at Bethanien, a former hospital converted in artist center, Berlin (Germany)
2008 Performance “Tómate tú…” (take yourself)
- Illary Center, Madrid (Spain)
- Festival Otra Cultura, Matavenero (Spain)
- Off section at Alcorcón Street Theater Festival (Spain)
 - Improvisation for CUE at Matadero, Madrid (Spain)
 - Action “Pásame el cepillo” in public transportation, Madrid (Spain)
2006 Wani-gator / Art Collective pursuing the exchange in between Japan and European countries. Working with design, photography, illustration and installation, Tokyo, Japan

Residencies / Grants / Workshops

2014 Democracy of Dance, a Video and Live Performance workshop for young people from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Germany at Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß, European Commission's Youth In Action, Berlin (Germany)
2013 Zellidja diaries and investigations as part of the permanent collection of French National Library, Paris (France)
2011 Programme Performing Arts residency at Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß, European Commission's Youth In Action, Berlin (Germany)
2010 European Commission's Youth In Action Programme Performing Arts and Video Filming residency with Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß, Berlin (Germany)
2004 Zellidja Award from Fondation de France for two travel research, Paris (France)
2003 Zellidja Grant, Investigation about Ayurvedic traditional practices (India)
2002 Zellidja Grant, Investigation about cultural melting-pot in metropolitan areas (Brasil)

Education / Courses


2015 Masterclass with Abbas Kiarostami, Barcelona (Spain)
2014 VJ and Mapping workshops with VJ Kalma, Berlin (Germany)
2013 Documentary Filmmaking Foundation Certificate with Eva Stotz at Raindance, Berlin (Germany)
2006-2009 BA HONS Degree in Visual Arts / Digital Design at IED, Madrid (Spain)
2005-2006 Diploma in Graphic Design at CICE, Madrid (Spain)
2004-2005 Photojournalism Course at Cover Photographic Agency, Madrid (Spain)
2001-2003 BA HONS Degree in Communication and Translation at University of Nantes (France)
2000-2001 High School Diploma in Fine Arts at SACS / Rotary Grant, Sydney (Australia)



2018 Manipulations from Body Weather Training with Andrés Corchero, Barcelona (Spain)

2017-2018 Yoga Lu Jong 2 Teacher Training with Inma Vicente, Barcelona (Spain)

2017-2018 University Diploma in Dance Therapy, OFD specialization with Patricia Passo, Rey Juan Carlos University / Alicia Alonso Dance Superiror Institute, Madrid (Spain)

2017-2018 Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Helen Flix, Barcelona (Spain)

2017 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training / Certification ( RYS 200), Spirit Sadhana School of Yoga, Barcelona (Spain)

2017 Anatomy for dance Masterclass with Ana Agusti, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 Dance masterclass with Pau Aran, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 Gaga with Ariadna Montfort, masterclass in Ohad Naharin's movement language, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 Yoga Lu Jong 1 teachings and certification with the venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, Stuttgart (Germany)
2016 Contemporary Sacred Dance, Dance of Oneness masterclasses with Banafsheh Sayyad, Madrid (Spain)
2016 Contemporary Indian Dance masterclasses with Colleena Shakti, Madrid (Spain)
2016 Dance Therapy Masterclass with Patricia Passo, Madrid (Spain)
2015 Tibetan Healing Movements from the tantrayana Buddhist tradition, with Inma Vicente, Barcelona (Spain)
2014 Sufi Whirling masterclass with Mohamed El Sayed, Ibiza (Spain)
2014 Sema, Dervish Whirling Dance at Sufi Centre Rabbaniyya, Berlin (Germany)
2011-2014 Tango masterclass with Rosa Corisco, Ruben Ramos, Maria Mondino and Moira Castellano, Barcelona and Ibiza (Spain), Berlin (Germany)
2009-2010 Kalbeliya Gypsy dance with Maria Robin, Paris (France)
2009 Dance of Oneness masterclass with Banafsheh Sayyad, Madrid (Spain)
2007-2009 Oriental and Gypsy dances with anthropologist and choreographer Patricia Passo, dance teachers, Aith Bera, Tessi Ladera, Madrid (Spain)
2001-2003 Capoeira, Nantes (France)