Cinema & images


  • Creative Director. Directing a Movement Research Group to investigate body, movement and cinema, Barcelona-Spain

  • Content Editor / Footage Researcher, Design Studios, Barcelona-Spain


  • Script writing creative process. Film tutor: Carolina Rivas, Barcelona-Spain

  • Film research about “Nahual”, shamanistic and ritual practices with film director Salomé Laloux-Bard, D.F.-Mexico

  • Documentary research about women fears and desires, with moroccan writer Siham Benchekroun, Casablanca-Morocco

  • Film Assistant Director of korean filmmaker Jin Hyuk Kim, on his documentary about A. Von Humboldt, Berlin-Germany

  • Film Festival Assistant, International Film Festival Cris du monde, La Ciotat-France

  • Filming the Road-Trip of two Tango dancers, through Spain, Italy and Germany


  • Creative Researcher / Visual Designer, Pollen London Agency, Barcelona-Spain

  • Multimedia Consultant, Getty Images, Barcelona-Spain

  • Photography Production Assistant, East Photographic, Barcelona-Spain



  • Audiovisual Consultant, La Pac, Paris-France

  • Travel Photographer, Esencia Group, Cuba

  • Picture Editor, Cover Agency / Getty Images, Spain

visual arts education



  • Masterclass with Abbas Kiarostami, Barcelona-Spain

  • VJ and Mapping workshops with VJ Kalma, Berlin-Germany

  • Documentary Filmmaking Foundation Certificate with Eva Stotz at Raindance, Berlin-Germany


  • BA HONS Degree in Visual Arts / Digital Design at IED, Madrid-Spain


  • Diploma in Graphic Design at CICE, Madrid-Spain

  • Photojournalism Course at Cover Photographic Agency, Madrid-Spain


  • BA HONS Degree in Communication at University of Nantes-France


residencies / awards


  • Democracy of Dance, a Video and Live Performance workshop for young people from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Germany at Theaterbündnis Blumenstrauß, European Commission's Youth In Action, Berlin-Germany

  • Zellidja diaries and investigations as part of the permanent collection of French National Library, Paris-France





  • Live Cinema Performance in tango festival Tango Alchemie, Prague-Czech Republic

  • Live Video Streaming Installation, Planet Tango, Prague-Czech Republic



  • A Punto De Plumas, co-Founder of the Multidisciplinary Art Group investigating sensorial experiences, transforming theater. Working on public interaction, performance, emotional intelligence, recycling, Madrid-Spain

  • Street Action “Midamos el espacio público” (Scale the Public Space) at Festival Rue Libre, Madrid-Spain

  • Performance “Whose crisis is it?” at Bethanien, a former hospital converted in artist center, Berlin-Germany

  • Performance “Tómate tú…” (take yourself)
    - Illary Center, Madrid-Spain
    - Festival Otra Cultura, Matavenero-Spain
    - Off section at Alcorcón Street Theater Festival-Spain
    - Improvisation for CUE at Matadero, Madrid-Spain
    - Action “Pásame el cepillo” in public transportation, Madrid-Spain


  • Wani-gator / Art Collective pursuing the exchange in between Japan and European countries. Working with design, photography, illustration and installation, Tokyo-Japan

body education


  • Sufi Whirling training and Sufi Psychology with Chiara Salvati, Barcelona-Spain

  • Manipulations from Body Weather / Butoh training with Andrés Corchero, Barcelona-Spain

  • Yoga Lu Jong 2 teacher training with Inma Vicente, Barcelona-Spain

  • University Diploma in Dance Therapy, specialization in Oriental Fusion Dance with Patricia Passo, Alicia Alonso Dance Superior Institute, Madrid-Spain

  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Helen Flix, Barcelona-Spain


  • Ashtanga Yoga teacher training / certification (RYS 200), Spirit Sadhana School of Yoga, Barcelona-Spain

  • Anatomy for Dance masterclass with Ana Agusti, Barcelona-Spain


  • Dance masterclass with Pau Aran, Barcelona-Spain

  • Gaga with Ariadna Montfort, masterclass in Ohad Naharin's movement language, Barcelona-Spain

  • Yoga Lu Jong 1 teachings and certification with the venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, Stuttgart-Germany

  • Contemporary Sacred Dance, Dance of Oneness masterclasses with Banafsheh Sayyad, Madrid-Spain

  • Contemporary Indian dance masterclasses with Colleena Shakti, Madrid-Spain

  • Dance Therapy Masterclass with Patricia Passo, Madrid-Spain


  • Tibetan Healing Movements from the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition, with Inma Vicente, Barcelona-Spain


  • Sufi Whirling masterclass with Mohamed El Sayed, Ibiza-Spain

  • Sema, dervish Whirling Dance at Sufi centre Rabbaniyya, Berlin-Germany

  • Tango masterclasses with Rosa Corisco, Ruben Ramos and Moira Castellano, Spain and Germany



  • Capoeira, Nantes-France