Maya Humo
Maya Humo
Body \ Sea / Cinema by Maya Humo


Jouer à habiter des lieux sans espace, hors du temps.
A game to inhabit unlocated places that are out of time.

Maya Humo Cinema

PROject (eng)

The artistic project "hétérotopie" is a contemplation of women inhabiting personal spaces through their body. Places that open up in lapses of time in which they dive into their own imaginary. 

Heterotopia is a word that comes from the greek: hetero, “other” and topos, “places”. This is a concept from french philosopher Michel Foucault. He uses it to define places that seem irrelevant but that are necessary and that exist physically and mentally at the same time. For example the moment of a phone call o when oneself watch itself in the mirror.

The motivation of this project is to create a serie of intimate pieces in order to explore these “other spaces and places”. A game to shape women’s human and emotional geography.

Alba / Choreographer /   Maya / Filmmaker /



El proyecto artístico "hétérotopie" nos lleva a contemplar el cuerpo femenino habitando lugares personales. Espacios que se abren en momentos del tiempo en los que la mujer se sumerge en un imaginario propio.

Heterotopía es una palabra que proviene del griego: hetero, “otro” y topos, “lugar”. Es un concepto que hemos descubierto a través del filósofo Michel Foucault, que lo utiliza para definir espacios que parecen irrelevantes pero que se demuestran necesarios y que son al mismo tiempo físicos y mentales. Como por ejemplo el tiempo de una llamada de teléfono o el momento de verse reflejado en un espejo.

El objetivo de este proyecto es la creación de una serie de piezas íntimas para explorar estos “otros espacios y lugares”.  Jugar a dibujar geografías corporales y emocionales femeninas.

Alba / Coreógrafa /   Maya / Filmmaker /



Undergoing project of contemplative short films.



Are you unusual, abnormal, astonishing, atypical, awe-inspiring, awesome, bizarre, curious, dinstinguished, exceptional, odd, extraordinary, memorable, outstanding, rare, strange, special, unexpected, uncommon, unique, weird, singular, unconventional?


I met Jonatham one afternoon in the street of Berlin. We spend the afternoon together, walking in the turkish neighborhood while I listened to his life's story. What had happened in Vladivostok? What was before the escape? What motivated the run away? Occident, now wandering your streets.


How to picture someone through of minute of film? The following is an experiment to get a taste of someone's character, mood and personality through moving images. How far can we understand someone during a limited time frame?



A selection of short films experiments about dance.



A man facing his own shadow of life through a night. A short film featuring the tango dancers Maria Mondino and Germán Cuestas on a tango called Ventarrón, written by José Horacio Staffolani and filmed in Barcelona, Spain.


The journey of four people sharing their love for travel and tango. An improvised road-trip from Barcelona to Berlin bringing tango closer to people along the road. Filmed and edited during 2013.    


A man alone in an empty building listens to music. The ghosts of the place come to life with their eternal drama. A contemplative short film about dance featuring the tango dancers Sarah and Thoma with musician Ivo Saint. Filmed in Leipzig, Germany. 



Trailers / teasers made for different Tango festivals.



A tango gathering in Ibiza Island. Supported by contact improvisation, tantra and tango with the magical spirit of Ibiza.

ibiza tango love, 2014

A tango gathering in Ibiza Island. Supported by contact improvisation, tantra and tango with the magical spirit of Ibiza.

tango en punta, 2015

A tango festival by Andrea Seewald and Matias Haber. The only international tango festival with inclusion of people with disabilities.